Work by Andrew Ghrist

Two Truths

My new art print for the 20th anniversary of X-files goes on sale today 9/23 at 2pm CDT on http://www.galerief.com
“Two Truths”
Edition of 45


It released on my Etsy Store today a new art print entitled “Sriracha”, which was imagined after I made up a story in my head about the origin of the hot sauce that i top on everything and has the power to make anything delicious. The story in my head was about a enormous magical steam powered rooster which pulls a giant plow digging up subterranean peppers which produce Sriracha hot sauce. I thought it was great way of combining two things that are a big part of my life.
6 layer screen print
100lb Cement Green French paper.
Edition of 88
6 layer screen print
100lb Tangy Orange French paper.
Edition of 60


Thank all off you all that came out and all of your kind words! of anyone has follow up question don’t hesitate to email me at ARGhristPrints@gmail.com. Sorry for the lack of business cards.

The Peregrine

Lithograph/Screen print


Steam Cicada Blue Process

I was stoked to get  this blue variant of my recently finished Steam Cicada print done this week. I love how it came out as a blue steal version of the original. I did have a issue between the 4th and 5th screen though. I had an accident with and x-acto knife, and if you have ever work with one of these knives you are aware of how sharp they can be. Long story short I got five stitches in between my pointer finger and thumb, halfway through the print. I did manage to make it back to the studio the next day and finish it in time to premiere at the 1st Spudnik holiday art sale. I bled a lot for this print so i hope you all enjoy checking out these process photo.

Steam Cicada Blue Variant


7 layer screen print
110lb Snow Cone French paper.
Edition of 40
All Prints are signed and numbered




These are some sketchbooks that i made a couple weeks ago which were a huge success at my schools holiday art sale. They are all made from my miss prints, bound by hand and contain 40 pages of off-white French paper. The sketchbooks were so popular they all sold out. I am currently working on making some new ones in time for the Renegade Holiday Craft Fair here in beautiful Chicago!

Steam Cicada

Just put “Steam Cicada” up on my Etsy shop. This was the most challenging print that i have made. The drawing took much longer that i intended and the layer separations were very taxing on my sleep cycle. I’m glad to be done with it, and very pleased with the final product. This weekend Devin Harries and i had a table selling prints at our schools holiday sale and this print was very popular, Its always pleasant to get some positive feedback. 

6 layer screen print
100lb Madero Beach French paper.
Edition of 85
All Prints are signed and numbered

Cicada (continued)

Been working for a week on this new cicada drawing and i think it’s just about ready to start getting the films drawn

Cicada número dos (process)


ImageCurrently working on a follow up to a print that i did last year which is basically a steam punk fashion Cicada print. This is a small detail of what’s to come, and i am very pumped to be working with the fascinating and bizarre insect once again.