Work by Andrew Ghrist

Month: April, 2012

Getting ready for the spring art sale

I’ve been getting ready for the School of the Art Institute spring art sale with some new prints. The drying racks were full so i had to sprawl out my prints, and it is an epic sight to look at an entire edition at once.


Some production photos

“Bloom” (copper)



Offset lithograph

Edition of 200



8″x 12″

2 screens

Edition of 50

Times are Strange and the Winds have Changed

“Times are Strange and the Winds have Changed”

19″x 25″

10 screens

Edition of 35

Fall in the Land of Tall and Small

“Fall in the Land of Tall and Small”

15.5″x 22″

17 screeen

Edition of 39

The Heron

This was one of my first screen prints (dec 2011) which had more than 3 colors that i made with a combination of photoshop and hand drawing layers. I had a lot of difficult with printing this for many different reasons, but it steered me in the direction of producing all of my stencils by hand.  I found it hard with the computer to push the amount of layers i wanted especially without access to a wacom tablet. In the end i am very happy with this print but it was definitely a print which helped me work out where i could push this medium technically.


Hey people, I’ve decide to today for some reason to start asserting myself and what i do onto the rest of the world. I also want to start this blog to have a place in which i can post what i feel is interesting to the contemporary printmaking/artist/Illustration/gig poster  community. I will primarily be focusing on screen printing in which is my preferred medium at the moment but i will not hesitate to bring up anything that i feel is related or just interesting.