Work by Andrew Ghrist

Month: August, 2012

First woodcut

For the last couple of weeks I have been volunteering at Spudnik Press(Chicago) which has been a good look at how a print shop outside of school setting functions. I assisted Spudnik staff with they’re booth at the Milwaukee Art Festival here in Chicago as well as helping around the shop. I watched professional artist who depend on shops like Spudnik to have a place to collaborate with other artist and produce their artwork. They asked me to design and carve a woodblock for a T-shirt they will be selling this september at the Renegade Craft. I had never made a woodblock print or any other type of relief print for that matter, but i took this opportunity to learn something new. I was weary at first but as i became more comfortable with the carving tools i freehanded a majority of the block. We haven’t printed any of the shirts yet but here is a picture of the block. I hope they are able to sell a bunch these !


Final layer done on Cassowary print

Hey everyone, got some new stuff for you, because i know you were all waiting intently for this post. The gold print is an edition of 40 and the pink varient is an edition of 15.  I am putting them up for sale on my etsy shop for $35 dollars, buy that shit!

Cassowary (first four layers)

Cassowary Progress

These are some images of the films i have been drawing for the Cassowary print. I’ve been doing them on matte Dur-lar which makes microns and other india ink based pens erasable. The Dur-lar is expensive but very durable and easy to work with and makes for good exposure films. I have four films finished and am planning on making it a 7 layer print, but the last three films i will wait to draw till after these are printed.