Work by Andrew Ghrist


6 layer screen print
100lb Black Licorice French paper.
Edition of 35


Black Coffee Bear 2


I had a blast doing my first woodcut, but  did donate it to Spudnik Press. As happy as i was to give the last block to a cause i feel is very worth while and supporting a bunch of people i respect and appreciate what they do for us small timers. I just felt that i wasn’t done with the black coffee bear theme so above is my follow up to my previous and successful woodcut. I did include text in this print and like a screen printer would i definitely forgot to reverse the text so i will be going into the shop tomorrow and screen printing a correct stencil onto the back of the block. Well I guess thats what happens when i work at home alone. I currently waiting for my roommate to come home and mock me for this fundamental mistake.

Adventures in Design



So I am very excited today because a podcast that i have been following for a short time now entitled Adventures in Design is doing a live interview in Chicago with one of my all time favorite illustrator/gigposter god Jay Ryan from Skokie IL.  Adventures in Design hosted by Mark Brickey (Hero) &  Billy Baumann (deliciousdesignleague) both Chicago based graphic designers, illustrators, and gigpoaster artist. This podcast has not only been a source of entertainment with Mark and Billy’s antics about bands, large design firms, clients, and the gigposter community. Im super pumped and have a paper to finish for school before i go, but i will be back tomorrow to talk about how the show goes.

First woodcut

For the last couple of weeks I have been volunteering at Spudnik Press(Chicago) which has been a good look at how a print shop outside of school setting functions. I assisted Spudnik staff with they’re booth at the Milwaukee Art Festival here in Chicago as well as helping around the shop. I watched professional artist who depend on shops like Spudnik to have a place to collaborate with other artist and produce their artwork. They asked me to design and carve a woodblock for a T-shirt they will be selling this september at the Renegade Craft. I had never made a woodblock print or any other type of relief print for that matter, but i took this opportunity to learn something new. I was weary at first but as i became more comfortable with the carving tools i freehanded a majority of the block. We haven’t printed any of the shirts yet but here is a picture of the block. I hope they are able to sell a bunch these !

Final layer done on Cassowary print

Hey everyone, got some new stuff for you, because i know you were all waiting intently for this post. The gold print is an edition of 40 and the pink varient is an edition of 15.  I am putting them up for sale on my etsy shop for $35 dollars, buy that shit!

Cassowary (first four layers)

Cassowary Progress

These are some images of the films i have been drawing for the Cassowary print. I’ve been doing them on matte Dur-lar which makes microns and other india ink based pens erasable. The Dur-lar is expensive but very durable and easy to work with and makes for good exposure films. I have four films finished and am planning on making it a 7 layer print, but the last three films i will wait to draw till after these are printed.



New drawing i’ve been working on for the last couple days based of a documentary i saw on Cassowaries, which are the third largest bird in the world, next to the ostrich and emu. They’re awesome birds that look like dinosaurs which is pretty epic.

“Bubble Trouble”

Hey people so i finished this print quite awhile ago and never posted a picture of how it turned out. I just want to be up front and say that i loved Corgis before they were cool, so….suck it. But yeah this is a ten color screen print 12.5″x 19″ done on french paper of course. The edition size on this one ended up at 30 because of some experimenting i did with translucent layers which got me slap happy with some different variations to get the colors right. I love drawing corgi’s and will continue to make more of these puppy inspired prints. the picture i admit is sloppy but i don’t have access to the schools cameras at the moment so bear with me.


This is my second lithograph made during my summer class with Kristina Paabus. It is a two color print on french pop-tone grapesicle paper. This is not the best picture since it was taken on my iphone in my apartment but when i get a chance ill get one in a high resolution. I had s bit more trouble with this print than my first lithograph dealing with the registration, along with getting the ink to work in my favor. Over all i’m pleased with the result and it has given me some ideas on how i can use lithography in my future projects. Hope everyone likes it I know the purple is a little intense hahaha.