Work by Andrew Ghrist

Month: July, 2012



New drawing i’ve been working on for the last couple days based of a documentary i saw on Cassowaries, which are the third largest bird in the world, next to the ostrich and emu. They’re awesome birds that look like dinosaurs which is pretty epic.


“Bubble Trouble”

Hey people so i finished this print quite awhile ago and never posted a picture of how it turned out. I just want to be up front and say that i loved Corgis before they were cool, so….suck it. But yeah this is a ten color screen print 12.5″x 19″ done on french paper of course. The edition size on this one ended up at 30 because of some experimenting i did with translucent layers which got me slap happy with some different variations to get the colors right. I love drawing corgi’s and will continue to make more of these puppy inspired prints. the picture i admit is sloppy but i don’t have access to the schools cameras at the moment so bear with me.


This is my second lithograph made during my summer class with Kristina Paabus. It is a two color print on french pop-tone grapesicle paper. This is not the best picture since it was taken on my iphone in my apartment but when i get a chance ill get one in a high resolution. I had s bit more trouble with this print than my first lithograph dealing with the registration, along with getting the ink to work in my favor. Over all i’m pleased with the result and it has given me some ideas on how i can use lithography in my future projects. Hope everyone likes it I know the purple is a little intense hahaha.